How it works

Describe your future

You provide us with a description of your brand, product or service so our creative minds get an idea of what value you'll provide your future customers with.

Creative minds create
possible names

Based on your description up to 400 possible names are (being) created by our creative minds. This ensures a wide diversity and results that are reliable.

Handpicking the
Top 50 names

Another 100 creative minds review the possible naming suggestions. Then they handpick the top 50. Then the top 50 are being tested on memorability, correct spelling, processing ease and concept fit to your business.

Algorithm filtering

Our algorithm rates concept fit, correct spelling, and neuroscience factors. It then gives you a personal name recommendation. This is a unique method. That's how we can show you the needle in the haystack.

The Founder Story

The founder, Dr. Jonathan T. Mall has studied Neuropsychology and persuasion all around the world (Amsterdam, Exeter, Groningen, Moscow etc.). After successfully graduating, he led the Science team in a IBM Big-Data Venture before founding, a marketing and branding institute, Neuro Flash. With a science background, Jonathan believes in evidence based marketing. But in a world, where gut feelings and personal experience too often overrule data driven decisions, convincing some big brands to truly embrace data driven decisions, is challenging.
That’s why Neuro Names has cut the middleman and wants to provide service to those who believe in science to find a name that can be shown with data to be the most impactful. The positive feedback and daily naming requests show that more and more people are willing to trust good data in making the right (naming) decisions.

Your result: A personal report detailing our business name recommendations

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# Minds creating name Our creative minds come from all works of life but all have one thing in common, a passion for creative and effective names. Once your name requirements are send over, the creative minds are alerted and will come in to provide you with fitting names. 1000 400 200
# Names created for you Producing a long list of names is great, but it often does not help you with knowing with certainty which name is actually most beneficial for your business goals. Can people remember it? Can people associate it with your business? Can the spell it right? All these questions are answered by our name test, giving you the data basis to make the right name decision with great certainty. 400+ 300+ 200+
Memory testing of names We use Neuroscience principles to determine how much a name sticks in the brain. This gives you confidence that people can recall a name and spell it correctly, a very important aspect for a successful name.
URL availability checking Too often people come up with a great name only to realize that it is already used by another company or at least that the URL is no longer available. To avoid this common issue, we check all names for url availability, thus giving you the confidence that your favorite name will also become your favorite website url.
Best name recommendation 1 Round of testing - Top 50 name ranking
2 Rounds of testing - Detailed Top 10 ranking
3 Rounds of testing - Detailed Top 10 ranking
1 Round of testing 1 Round of testing - Top 50 name ranking The hundreds of names produced by the creative minds need to be rated and sorted. The Top 50 Report shows you the 50 best rated names and all the data that went into that judgement. Enabling you to quickly see the names with the highest potential.
2 Rounds of testing The Top 10 report offers another layer of detail to your name decision. Even more people evaluate your name to give you an additional level of certainty for picking the best name. This report truly zooms into the Top performers and gives you detailed data on their effectiveness. Memorability, Associations and correct spelling unearth the name that is the cream of the crop.
3 Rounds of testing The Top 3 report offers yet another layer of detail and certainty to your name decision. Even more people evaluate your name to give you an additional level of certainty for picking the best name. This report gathers the maximum amount of data to determine the Top performers.
Personal consulting (2h) With years of experience in naming and branding, our agency, Neuro Flash will assist you along the whole name finding journey to discover the best possible name. This includes personal advice during the name creation, testing and eventual decision from a seasoned consultant with years of experience working with the world’s biggest companies.
Timing Timing is always of the essence. That’s why you will receive the Name report after only a small number of days. 7 business days 3 business days 2 business days
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use Neuro Names?
Coming up with a name yourself or hiring an agency is always and option. However, Neuro Names not only utilizes hundreds of creative minds to give you new and fresh ideas you may not have thought of, we also provide immediate and effective testing so you can base your decision on actual people’s reactions to your new name, rather than a vague gut feeling. In almost all cases, you save money and time (our service starts at 999€) compared to hiring an agency. Also, you will get deep testing and immediate results. Results are delivered within a few days and they have been evaluated by hundreds of real people.
How much does it cost?
Our naming competitions start at 999€, and you can even book an agency like experience, with hands on consulting for only 6999€.
What if I want to keep my business idea private?
We can require our creatives to agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) option before they see your descriptions. Just indicate this option on the introduction form. When you do so, your descriptions will be kept 100% confidential.
What if I don't like anyone's work?
We will ensure that our creatives work very hard to provide you with a great name. Should you against all expectations not like the recommendation, we can add more creatives to work on your name for a small fee. Depending on the package you chose, we also offer branding consultation to ensure the best outcome for your name success.
Can I see any examples?
Our names are on millions of products, sitting on the shelfs of supermarkets all aroud the world. For most of those names, we are however also bound by NDAs. To name a few of our recent Startup Brand Names: – For a referral marketing app – For a Branding Agency – For the site you are on.